A little history....

Rotch Building, 2015
Nantucket maintained a neutrality during the Revolutionary War that was fostered by William Rotch, a Quaker, who neither believed in war nor the effect the war would have on commerce.

Whaling was Mr. Rotch's business and a large proportion of Massachusetts economy came from Nantucket.

Mr. Rotch was an owner of ships and real estate. He had constructed a building at 15 Main Street in 1772 that over the years served as a counting house and as the home of the Pacific Club, a place where cribbage was played.

Following the Antheneum fire of 1846, the Masons utilized the third floor of the Rotch Building as their lodge, until the group found a new permanent home on Main Street in 1890.

Drew Saunders and Bob McLaughlin
on the third floor of 15 Main Street, Nantucket
Recent renovation work on the Rotch Building revealed a Masonic emblem and mural from that period. The emblem and the lathe holding it was retrieved and transferred to the current Lodge location.

Today, Sylvia Antiques and the Four Winds Craft Guild  lease the first and second floors, and have access to the third floor where the Masons held their meetings. On a recent visit to the store with my friend Rich Merriman, I had the opportunity to visit the upper level and discovered the scarred walls and colorful decoration of a 150 years of use that was unveiled along with the Masonic emblem during the repairs.

The following photos are the result of our discovery.

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Understated Elegance

A focus on color in a quiet room
"Blue Board"
Matching the environment

An Asian Influence? In a traditional home?

 "Red, Orange & Blue" provides a a nice blend for summer in Nantucket and trip to the Orient.

"Well Etched"
Nantucket Wall prints may be used for smaller spaces and framed traditionally with mat and acrylic. All prints are limited to an edition of 50, and signed, numbered and titled by George Rothacker. Giclée prints are produced on 22" x 17" archival paper (with white space).

"Ripped" (left) and "Behind the Curtain" (right)

Clean and Minimal with Rough Edges

"Plaster Trails" contrasts rough repairs with a home that's new and neat. Best fitted for a Metal Print with blind cleats.

And for the office...

Three-panel montage, 8' x 12' printed on 1/4" acrylic for modern office location. Old world charm combines with new world materials and design.
Let your imagination run wild, using the centuries worn look of old walls to enhance and warm the modern office. The story of the Nantucket discovery just adds to the mystery.

Eclectic Mixes

"Simple Math" fits right into a room that sports zebra pillows and a glass horse. Shown in 40" x 60" size on metal.
Cryptic carpenter's notations across wall divided by a scraped plank add mystery to "Simple Math."
"Sunrise in 40" x 60" size on acrylic

For Modern Nantucket Living

Red, Gold & Blue (click in image for larger view)

The Underbelly (click in image for larger view)

This series of prints are perfect for  homes with open spaces and owners that want to combine elements of Nantuckets' historic past with the look and feel of modern living. Limited edition giclée prints are available in sizes ranging from 20" x 30" to 40" x 60" in acrylic or metal with a mounting option of French Cleats (blind mounting), or small or large stainless steel posts.

Prints limited to 100 (combined sizes) andare signed and numbered in "scuffy"marker on the front. Prices (including mounting) range from $650  to $2200 plus packing and shipping.

Making "Old" Welcome in the Modern Home

Nantucket home blending modern and traditional styles
with metal print of George Rothacker's "Door" shown above mantle
"Door" (available in sizes from 20" x 30" to 40" x 60" printed
on acrylic with hidden mounts
Yes, it's Nantucket! But incorporating modern elements gives a sparkle to your living experience. Especially when there's history behind the "doors."

Many Shades of White

"Glass Ceiling" shown printed on acrylic acrylic in 30" x 40" size adds quiet minimalism to this traditional Nantucket room
"Glass Ceiling" by George Rothacker (Click on image for larger view).

Graphic Symbols Worn with Time to fit a Special Place

"Nantucket Mountains" in a special size for this Nantucket bedroom
"Nantucket Mountains"
"Sacred Symbols"
Custom sized or proportioned prints may be ordered to fit a special place in your home or office. Let us know the size and space, and provide us with a cell phone photo, and we will show you how a Nantucket Walls print will fit before it's ordered.

Contrasting Styles

"Painter's Tape"
"Why was the tape there?" It seemed to serve no purpose but add a nice graphic and color contrast to a wall coloring from the past.
The painting in the room at left also adds a sharp color contrast to the room, and joins the past with the present.

"Gold & Blue"