A little history....

Rotch Building, 2015
Nantucket maintained a neutrality during the Revolutionary War that was fostered by William Rotch, a Quaker, who neither believed in war nor the effect the war would have on commerce.

Whaling was Mr. Rotch's business and a large proportion of Massachusetts economy came from Nantucket.

Mr. Rotch was an owner of ships and real estate. He had constructed a building at 15 Main Street in 1772 that over the years served as a counting house and as the home of the Pacific Club, a place where cribbage was played.

Following the Antheneum fire of 1846, the Masons utilized the third floor of the Rotch Building as their lodge, until the group found a new permanent home on Main Street in 1890.

Drew Saunders and Bob McLaughlin
on the third floor of 15 Main Street, Nantucket
Recent renovation work on the Rotch Building revealed a Masonic emblem and mural from that period. The emblem and the lathe holding it was retrieved and transferred to the current Lodge location.

Today, Sylvia Antiques and the Four Winds Craft Guild  lease the first and second floors, and have access to the third floor where the Masons held their meetings. On a recent visit to the store with my friend Rich Merriman, I had the opportunity to visit the upper level and discovered the scarred walls and colorful decoration of a 150 years of use that was unveiled along with the Masonic emblem during the repairs.

The following photos are the result of our discovery.

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